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Summary of Lettings Services and Charges


Summary of Lettings Services and Charges:

Letting Service Charge

1. Heywood Estates Ltd Agent Letting Service

This service includes:

  1. Introduction of prospective tenant for the Property.
  2. Co-ordinating the viewings and conduct the viewings.
  3. Negotiating the terms of the Tenancy between You and the Tenant
  4. Collecting the bond and depositing with the DPS, payable by the Tenant against rent arrears and dilapidation as stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement.
  5. Collection and verification of references
  6. Advertising and general marketing of the property
Equal to one month’s rent deducted from monies received by the agent on Landlords behalf

2. Heywood Estates Ltd Full Management Service

The service itemised in 1.

  1. The receipt of rent on your behalf.
  2. The demand of rent in the absence of payment, which will take the form of a series of letters to the tenant requesting payment.
  3. The forwarding of net rents to yourself or your bank.
  4. The preparation and submission of regular rent statements to yourself and/or your Accountant
  5. Making every effort to notify service companies at the commencement and termination of the Tenancy
  6. Day to day management matters including minor repairs up to a maximum of £300 . Except in an emergency wherever practical estimates are obtained and submitted to you for approval.
  7. commission will be charged at 10% on all invoices paid from rents collected
  8. We can pay out of rents received current outgoings such as ground rent, insurance premiums and service charge and/or maintenance charge or similar contribution to shared expense and account to you regularly. We need to be placed in sufficient funds at the commencement and if necessary during the period of management to enable us to meet all expenditure prior to the rent collection dates.
  9. Property visits once every six months will include non-expert investigation of defects which come to our notice or are clearly adequately brought to our attention by the Tenant. Any such visit can extend only too apparent and obvious defects and will not amount in any way to a structural survey of the Property. We cannot accept responsibility for hidden or latent defects.
  10. Our management appointment is for the letting period and does not include security or supervision of the Property when it is not let, other than where special arrangements are made.
12% of monthly rent
Plus, initial management fee of £350 for Conducting viewings, referencing of prospective tenants, advertising, preparation of tenancy.
3. Schedule of Condition (Photos) (Included)
4. Renewal of Tenancy £60.00
5. Re-letting of Property £300.00
6. Inventories (Quote arranged)
7. Landlord gas safely certificate (Quote arranged)
8. Energy performance certificate (Quote arranged)
9. Electrical checks and Pat testing of any electrical items to be left in the property (quotes arranged)
10. Placement fee Equal to one month’s rent payable if landlord terminates agreement but continues to let to tenants introduced by Heywood Estates Ltd after termination of this agreement.
11. Single Claim process and disputed bonds £60.00